Charismatic Global is the west African & European region’s most prestigious and influential real estate developers, managers and financial advisors the opportunity to discover and explore the latest investment opportunities, exclusive offers, housing projects and lucrative property markets. Moreover, charismatic Global provides a platform for industry professionals to make new meaningful business connections with architects, engineers, contractors, government services and many more.

Why Real Estate?

Commercial real estate is widely regarded as a hedge against inflation because it is the best of both worlds – a hard asset that holds its intrinsic value over time AND produces dividend income to its investors along the way.

Real estate sits on land, the ultimate commodity. While demand for other hard assets may vary based on consumer preferences, demand for real estate is relatively stable, as people will always need places to live, work, shop, and store. These attributes generally preserve property values irrespective of inflationary pressures. Not only does real estate generally hold its intrinsic value, but real estate owners can regularly adjust their rental rates, creating the potential for dividend growth to match inflation.